Hey, I'm Simi

I'm a product designer who loves to make the tools people use for their work.


I knew I wanted to be a product designer when I read Sketching User Experiences.

I started at a research agency in London. Through running hundreds of usability tests, I saw the magic of how trying to understand how people think refined a product. You know you’re done when people can focus on what they’re really trying to do rather than on an interface.

I’m currently a Senior Product Designer at Atlassian, working on a new product I helped launch called Atlas. Since moving into a software team as a product designer, I’ve had the privilege of improving tools that people use daily to collaborate.

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Some project highlights ✨

launching a new product for atlassian

Worked as part of a small team to launch a new product for Atlassian, called Atlas. Researched and designed several core features that were needed to bring the product to market.

powering enterprise administration for atlassian

I designed experiences for enterprise customers to accelerate their adoption of Atlassian cloud products, including authentication (user syncing from identity providers), security (IP allowlisting), and administrator tools (usage insights).

improvements to confluence's upgrade flow

Reduced the volume of support requests for Atlassian's on-premise products, as part of a team focussed on the install and upgrade experiences.

user research for confluence

As one of a handful of researchers at Atlassian at the time, I helped coach product teams on Confluence about how to get useful customer insights.

weather monitoring app

I led the design and testing of a weather monitoring system for Peruvian mountain communities with Imperial College

amazon video

I planned, ran and communicated findings for a research study across London, Seattle and Munich to test the usability of Amazon's streaming service

bbc music

Worked on a user research study to understand how people choose what to listen to, and conducted a competitor review of music streaming services for the BBC Music team.